Whimsical Design Kits

  • Amelia Mouse

    A delightful design for a special child or grandchild. Amelia Mouse is in her garden with her watering can, tending to her roses, lavender and gypsophilia. Around her are toadstools, a snail, butterflies and insects - would look lovely with a child’s

  • Beatrice Bunny

    Beatrice Bunny is in her parlour in front of a table set with a bowl of roses, sweeping the floor and colourful rug with a broom. In the background is a lattice window, a dresser with utensils and tub of washing. Ide

  • Enchanted Garden

    A charming woodland design featuring a spotted, red toadstool, pansy-type flowers, berries, a mouse and a butterfly. Ideal for children’s rooms.

  • Forest Floor

    A large woodland design featuring a scene with toadstools, 2 mice, snails, a bird and many flying insects. As this design has a good deal of single strand shading it is suited to a more experienced needle-woman.

  • Magic Forest

    Matching woodland design to the Enchanted Garden featuring a rabbit. Also with berries, toadstools, ferns and acorns. Ideal as a pair to Enchanted Garden.

  • Monty Mouse by the Seaside

    A delightful design for a special child or grandchild. This sunny day with a few clouds; Monty is on the beach fishing with his net; on the sea is a yacht in sail. Behind him is a headland and to his left a grand lighthouse. Suitable for the more accom

  • Woodland Friends

    Large design matching Forest Floor though more free-style. With woody textures and featuring a hedgehog, berries, snails and mushrooms.

  • Harry Hedgehog has a Picnic

    A companion design to Amelia Mouse; Beatrice Bunny and Monty Mouse. Harry and Hettie are enjoying a picnic on a patchwork blanket in a field near the local village church. There are sandwiches, cakes and soda pop that have been packed into the picnic b

  • Honey Bear

    Features a lovely Teddy with a pot of honey surrounded by honey bees sewn in Turkey Stitch (creates a velvety pile) with shiny wings. Honey Bear is fairly easy to embroider as it has all the markings for the stitch direction upon the design. It’s a d

  • Terry Toad & Reggie Rat go Fishing

    Terry and Reggie take to the water in Reggie's boat to hook lunch but, instead, all they catch is an old boot. It features a shimmering fish and a dragonfly, a fuzzy bee, a snail, a spider and a can of worms.