Decor Design Kits

  • South African Wildflowers #1

    A sampler of 7 different South African coastal wildflowers. Colourful and simple to embroider.

  • South African Wildflowers #2

    3 Beautiful well-known South African wildflowers. Stunning coral shades. Suitable for the embroiderer with basic skills in shading.

  • Ribbons & Roses

    A soft, romantic design with bullion roses, rosebuds, daisies and ribbons. In gorgeous antique peach and soft pinks and blues. Suitable for beginners.

  • Lavender Dreams

    This delightful design has two large sprays of lavender forming a corner piece top left and a large bunch of lavender bottom right. The background is scattered with small lavender sprays. Simple to embroider.

  • Dragonfly & Beetles

    A fun colourful design featuring all manner of garden insects. A moth, a butterfly, ladybirds, industrious ants, a grasshopper and beetles surround a splendid dragonfly with shimmering wings. Recommended for the slightly more advanced embroiderer.

  • High Tea

    A traditional design with a Jacobean look. Very quick and easy to embroider in antique plum and gold colours.

  • Lavender Tablecloth

    Delightful when completed, with functionality in mind, this is a very easy design to embroider (only three stitches). Four Sprays of Lavender tied with a bow (one in each quadrant) with some sprigs on either side of the main design. The edges 100% cott

  • Poppies

    Large Iceland Poppies in warm colours. A dramatic design with Long & Short Stitch shading (guide lines included to assist shading). The large flowers in this design show off the sheen of the threads to great effect.

  • iAfrika

    An African woman in traditional dress in a rural setting with an ethnic style border. Uses African beads and can also be made into a cushion. Fun and easy to sew.